Who we work with


We became a starting point for many “next big things” while it is small. We support startup founders at every stage of the lean startup based product development process which starts from prototyping to building Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Startup Services

Things That Will be Provided by
Digiryte Throughout The Project

Project Documentation
SRS and release plan Document
E-Commerce Website Development
Architecture Design
Online Database Architecture Design
SAAS Product Development
API and Code Documentation
A complete granular level of code maintenance will be done throughout the project with Gitlab’s Version Control System maintaining the entire history of code changes done by each developer creating more transparency and accountability.
Platform Based Product Development
Components, Assets Transfer
Icons, fonts etc. to any low fidelity or high fidelity mockups available, every asset in terms of UI/UX will be documented by Digiryte.
CRM Development
Test Reports
Complete Project Testing report including Debugging (Unit & Integration Testing), Test cases updated with results Defect reports & Completed RTM with the execution status
LMS Development
Digiryte Phone
+44 (0) 161 706 7983