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In order to scale up your business, one must not only respond to user feedback and suggestions but also anticipate user needs in order to increase market share. Scaling involves a number of small but significant changes that have been added to the product feature in order to thrive in an ever-evolving market.

Benefits of scaling with Digiryte

Rapid Growth
You must have a process for every role in your business in order to grow your operations. Digiryte helps you define and measure every step of your workflow and allows you to identify problems, progress and delays.
E-Commerce Website Development
Incorporate new technologies
Scalability is a key driver of business growth. By adopting emerging technologies and constantly innovating, we ensure that our clients stay ahead of competition and have a high level of market visibility.
SAAS Product Development
Improve product reliability
A number of decisions are made through the development process that result in reliability. We are creating a reliable product by using the right insights and the ability of existing technology to scale up your dream product.
Platform Based Product Development
One must know when to grow and this can play a key role in the long-term sustainability of your business. We help our customers find the right balance of acceleration to maximise their business and capture market share without breaking the bank.
CRM Development
Improved Efficiency
The team at Digiryte is committed to help make your product journey be trainable, trackable, and reportable. We ensure we help you understand the best possible use of your resources, decreasing costs, and increasing productivity.
LMS Development
Small changes to your product means minimum disturbance or difficulty to users, but cumulatively significant.We ensure the user experience is not disturbed but only enhanced with these changes.
LMS Development
Secure by Design
During the scaling process we ensure the product is robust enough to survive and thrive in the market. Our aim is to create an efficient digital product that is secure and serves a large user base.
LMS Development
ISO 27001 & 9001
We strive to continuously adapt and assure our clients that their products are in line with the latest rules and best practises. All our work is ISO compliant and has the quality and safety of ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications.
LMS Development

Our Scaling Work Includes

Scaling up a business means setting the stage to enable and foster growth in your company. It means that you have the ability to grow without being hindered. The process requires planning, some funding and the right systems, personnel, processes , technology and partners.
Moving crucial business processes from the monolith application to microservices
Turning legacy system to API based
Helping you prepare for CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery)
Moving development environment to containers for greater efficiency
Moving configuration to production servers Automated testing an Bug fixes
Redesigning Information Architecture and the key elements of the UX
New functionality implementation and deployment
Migration of the legacy systems to more up-to-date modern API based frameworks
Moving product to a cloud solution for more elasticity and scalability

Benefit From Our

Understanding New User Requirements and Pain Points
At the early stage of the product development process , the data you collect is from repeat tests and early adopters. Through the scaling process, we are able to understand how different users experience the product. Not many users are able to communicate effectively about it’s pain points of the product and, therefore, we refer them to a business analyst who analyses user requirements, carefully constructs the case and documents a set of high quality system requirements to ensure that the requirements meet certain quality characteristics. This leads to more input, more suggestions to help build up the features for your new users.
User Engagement Analysis
It is very crucial to understand your users better by analyzing their behavior and tracking their engagement. You can gather essential data about your product usage including features that are most popular, and those which are mostly avoided. You can also understand about any process that your user finds difficult to deal with. Tracking these important data and asking user feedback can effectively establish what changes would benefit and increase user experience.
User Perspectives Embracing Design Thinking
It’s not exaggerated to say that mobile apps are not just products of modern information technology, but rather a lifestyle that users choose to follow. We believe that users will always find issues with your product, and often issues that you wouldn’t think were a problem. Due to the crucial role mobile apps play, we at Digiryte understand our responsibility to design apps from the user’s perspective and to the user’s convenience.
Scalable Architecture to Handle Unexpected Usage
Every single user has a different way of using your product. Not everyone will use the product the way you want it to be used. Some users may not use the core features, but prefer to opt for some other non-essential features that may be widely popular. The way users interact and engage with your product on a daily basis will help you understand how to make your product perfect for your users. At Digiryte, we’re constantly working on improving your product to ensure that users get a better grip of it.

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