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Digiryte Pods is an Offshore Delivery Centre (ODC) which provides contractual arrangements in which you pay a fixed monthly cost for the people & Infra, with a commitment to execute your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and AS-IS process offshore. This also includes a monthly/quarterly/ annual review on the agreed KRA and key accomplishments. The reason behind you opting Digiryte Pods is to make your business more cost effective and enable your business to scale.

Startups, Scaleups and Enterprises often consider Digiryte Pods. This approach gives them a perfect balance of price and quality. The Digiryte Pods is now a popular business model to lower operating expenses and raise productivity levels by leveraging talent offshore. Also, it provides you the flexibility to engage with premium offshore tech resources based on your project requirements and suitable hiring models.

What’s So Great About
Digiryte Pods?

Why Digiryte?

Digiryte provides a dedicated development centre with the required office infrastructure and manpower including administrative and support staff necessary to carry the development process to completion. This not only helps client business to scale but also help client to optimise their cost and enable the client to focus more on their business developments and other key value adds to their organization.
Readily Available Setup Across Major Cities
E-Commerce Website Development
25+ years experienced management presence to oversee
SAAS Product Development
Well defined framework to make your business auto scale
Platform Based Product Development
SOPs to kick start the process from Week1
CRM Development
Skilled Resource Availability On Demand
LMS Development

Business Benefited

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On-Shore Model
Hire Someone Internationally Without Setting Up a Legal Entity
The budget and resources required to set up an entity do not have to deter your business from hiring a remote, global team. Digiryte takes on the burden of legal, tax and financial setup, allowing you to quickly secure talent around the world, and do it fast without the delay of setting up new companies.
Off-Shore Model
Stay Compliant With Local Laws and Protect Interest of Your Business
Laws and regulations change fast. It’s a full time job just keeping up with them in you main country of business. As you add employees living in other countries to the list, the resources required to stay up to date and compliant will multiply. Let Digiryte handle this on an ongoing basis so you can focus on growing your business instead of staying compliant.
Dual-Shore Model
Deliver Great Employee Experience and Build Trust With Your New Hires
Part of getting the most out of your employees and ensuring they love their new role is building a great experience for them, from beginning to end. Digiryte frees up your internal team to focus on building the relationship with your new team member and assures rest is taken care of.

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The dedicated Team approach provides a scalable flexible solution that can efficiently fill gaps of specialised skills. Explore the categories of our comprehensive technical expertise.
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