Code Audit
& UX Audit

What we do

Help your Digital Product Thrive
with Code & UX Audit

Identify security flaws by auditing your software’s source code and UX. This step helps you avoid any technical problems and keep your digital product in good condition. At Digiryte, we want to ensure that your product is perfect for the market. Our expert team will help you identify the problem areas and create actionable plans to help improve your product and empower your business.

UX audit scope

Business and user objectives
Metrics and customer data
Usability guidelines compliance
Design evaluation
List of recommendations

We audit the following technologies:

Front-end (Angular, React.js, Vue.js, Ember.js)
Back-end (Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, .NET core)

Code audit scope

Code quality
Software architecture
Coding best practices
Code security review
Non-functional requirements
Object-oriented analysis and design principles (SOLID)
List of recommendations

Code audit process

Automated security check
Manual security check
Manual code review
Automated static code review
Business analysis
Automated scalability tests
Report and presentation

UX audit process

Product Research and analysis
Review of business and user objectives
Review of conversion metrics and traffic data
Manual user journey review
Checklist of UX Laws and Principles
Usability and UI check
Report and presentation

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